Bougainvillea Leasing Ltd. – StJohnJeeps.com is located at The Amoré Center – a short 4 minute walk without luggage from the Ferry Dock. If you have significant luggage we recommend just the driver walking up as our sidewalks and roadways are not very smooth. Please see the additional notes for more information on our location and policies:


Walk straight off the ferry dock past with the water behind you and pass the Cruz Bay Landing sign, Tap & Still and Woody’s.

At the Police Station, cross over to the wide sidewalk that runs along the school ballfield. At the 5-way roundabout intersection, follow the low stone wall around to the crosswalk and cross over and follow the narrow sidewalk about 50 feet. We are on 104 South.

Do not go downhill to the fire station. Do not walk uphill past Dolphin Market.

We are the first stone & brick building on the left, across the street from the O’Connor building, on the 2nd floor. Prior to departure, please consult our website to help orientate yourself and view the map above.

If you have brought your luggage, leave it downstairs and tell us you are here and we can tell you what vehicle is yours to load up.

The driver can then circle back to pick up the rest of the group and their luggage. Due to the volume, timing of arrivals and congestion, we regret we are unable to meet you or bring vehicles to the dock.  If you require help and need pick up from the dock there are other agencies that provide this service.

Please note that the new ferry from Crown Bay Marina arrives at the bulkhead in the creek, a different location but about the same distance. Please consult the map. You will be arriving near the NPS finger pier at InterIsland Boat Services across from Nature’s Nook and Denzil Clyne near Morgan’s Mango. Walk up the hill past the Lumberyard Parking Lot and Ronnie’s Pizza to the roundabout, a five-way intersection. We are the 2nd spoke on your left on the other side of the foliage, a flat one way road, NOT the first spoke up the hill past Dolphin Market on a two way road.

IMPORTANT: Arrivals after 8 P.M. incur a $50.00 CASH late arrival fee payable on arrival, and you or your villa agent need to communicate your arrival information in advance AND update us if you are delayed so we know when to expect you. Otherwise, no one will be able to receive you until the following day when we are open.

We are open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm for most of the year (We close at 6pm most days June to October). We are CLOSED Sundays, Easter Sunday, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

You may also reach us at 1 (800) 253-7107 or in emergencies or for late arrivals at (340) 344-2624 or (340) 344-6890.